It's More Than a Box

A total packaging system works seamlessly together to create a positive experience for every customer, winning repeat orders and customer loyalty. Selecting a system with both primary and secondary solutions addresses the challenges online grocers are experiencing with the rise of food e-commerce.

Making smart choices about primary packaging offer e-grocers the ability to maximise shelf life, improve food safety, offer freezer and oven ready options, reduce leakage, and provide easy open options. Selecting the right secondary packaging provides temperature assurance, damage resistance, reusability, and minimises box size saving shipping costs and material consumption.

If your company is interested in learning about our total packaging system for e-grocery, contact one of our packaging professionals who can explore which primary and secondary options best fit your business and customers.


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Make Sure What You Show Is What They Get!

Consumers look forward to their weekly meal delivery service, a hot meal ordered from their favorite restaurant or their weekly shipment of frozen meat or fresh fruits and vegetables, so shouldn’t their unboxing experience be just as exciting? Online grocers have the added challenge of presenting their products in a way that when the consumer opens the package what they see in the box is the same as what was pictured online.

Making smart choices about packaging can show the consumer exactly what their fish, beef or chicken looks like before opening the package, provides adequate cushioning to keep fruits and vegetables from being crushed, protects bottled beverages from breakage during transit, and minimizes goods from being bruised or punctured. Decisions about packaging impact how these products interact which can be the difference between delighting a customer and losing their trust.

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How Packaging can Contribute to the Success of Online Food Sales?


No Leaks, No Spills, No Crush, No Waste

The more consumers purchase groceries and meals online, the more comfortable they get with the process, but they still have questions about food quality and safety. Many consumers receive parcels with leaking packages, room temperature meats and dairy products, and items that are discolored or bruised. This makes them wonder if what they are receiving, and ultimately eating, is safe.

Primary packing like Cryovac® brand Darfresh seals your product completely reducing contamination, spoilage and waste.

No longer is it as simple as just putting items in a corrugated box. A successful e-commerce food business considers a total packaging system approach to manage food safety and deliver a quality product to their customers.

Learn more about CRYOVAC® Brand Primary PackagingCRYOVAC® Brand Darfresh® On Tray vacuum skin packaging - CRYOVAC® Brand Darfresh® Rollstock thermoforming vacuum skin packaging - CRYOVAC® brand BDF® ultra-thin shrink film





No Leaks, No Thawing, No Waste

One of the most challenging aspects of e-commerce is keeping foods at the right temperature all within the same parcel. Whether the order is being transported for 20 minutes, 8 hours or 2 days customers gain confidence in their buying decisions when meat, especially fish, arrives cold and fresh fruits and vegetables are at room temperature.

Selecting the right primary packaging reduces leaks decreasing contamination of other products within the box while transparent packaging shows the customer exactly what they are getting. Secondary packaging like SEALED AIR® brand temperature assurance solutions protect products from temperature fluctuations during transit, reducing thawing that can lead to leaks, spoilage and waste.

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