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Best for B2B operations and palletised shipments, the Ultipack® void-containment packaging solution automates corrugated tray forming and box closing.

The Ultipack’s wedging module inserts a flexible corrugated wedge into the tray, locking items in place. Then the lid is automatically sealed. 

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  • Enhances sustainability. The 100% corrugated package is curbside recyclable. 

  • Enables labour savings. Tray forming, wedging and lidding processes are automated for high throughput. Picking is more productive in trays than regular slotted containers. 

  • Reduces material costs. The wedge cost is half that of traditional void-fill material. For most box sizes, the tray and lid package costs less than regular slotted containers.  

  • Reduces damage. The Ultipack wedge increases box strength, adding product protection.  

  • Enhances customer experience. A built-in tear strip makes each package tamper-evident and easy to open. 

  • Strengthens brand awareness. Each part of the package can be printed separately.