A 3,100m² centre providing a technology-driven, customer engagement experience and provide the support, tools and expertise required for every step of the development journey.

Packforum hosts a whole range of activities as specialised seminars and events covering every sector of the established and expanding European food and non food markets as well as specialised training sessions, hands-on equipment and supermarket displays.

Since its opening visitors have relished the opportunity of experiencing the entire value chain under one roof. They have seen ideas transformed into action on real packaging lines, in a packaging design creative studio, a fully equipped demonstration kitchen, and against the backcloth of filled supermarket shelves with an international, trendsetting flavour. 

Always committed to providing targeted and comprehensive solutions, Packforum integrates Cryovac® brand food packaging and Sealed Air® brand protective packaging solutions into its repertoire. This is a vital ingredient of the Sealed Air commitment to meeting customers' needs through food safety, extended shelf life, operational efficiency and brand building.

Packforum is about people and has become a popular, highly interactive destination for market players, from food and non food processors through to retailers and foodservice operators. Whether it is a customised visit to focus on a specific issue or innovation, or a themed symposium featuring international opinion leaders, the exchange of knowledge, expertise and ideas with equals and experts is always on the menu.

And the take-homes? Solutions to individual challenges, seeds for future innovations and a network with an impressive potential for growth.