CRYOVAC® brand food packaging is considered an Essential Food Packaging because it protects and preserves food quality and safety across the complex global supply chain.

Watch the video to learn more about the differences between Single Use Plastics and Essential Food Packaging.



Numerous elements in our environment can cause contamination as food moves through the supply chain. These contaminants compromise food safety, shorten shelf-life, and increase food waste. Learn about these common contaminants and how CRYOVAC® can mitigate these risks.


Many consumers, retailers, processors and other parties interested in the health and safety of our food supply chain have many questions. These questions range from how retailers can improve their relationships with their consumers through presenting and protecting food in store cases, the decision consumers make about the food they purchase, and how protecting food through the supply chain reduces carbon emissions and eliminates food waste. See how CRYOVAC® can be the right solution to answer many of these questions.


Do you have more questions that need to be answered? We would be happy to show you how CRYOVAC® brand food packaging can help you protect your proteins.