Rochester Institute of Technology Enrols Hands-Free Floor Care Machine

3BL Media
Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Founded in 1829, the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is a prestigious university with approximately 15,400 undergraduate and 3,200 graduate students. RIT has secured a number of impressive rankings and accolades and is widely recognised as a leader in technology and experiential learning.

The Challenge

Like many universities, RIT must maintain a large area throughout its academic buildings. Using everything from ride-on and walk-behind machines to mops and buckets, RIT staff must maintain 4 million square feet (37,000 sq m) of space on a daily basis without hindering the ability of faculty staff to teach and students to learn.

In addition to adjusting cleaning traffic patterns as class schedules change from semester to semester, floor care is further complicated by the environmental elements present in Rochester, NY.  The winter brings heavy snow and rain is frequent in the spring, allowing salt, ice and water to enter buildings.

Lastly, as an institute of technology, it is important for RIT to implement cutting-edge technology in all aspects of the university’s operations, and the cleaning programme is no exception. 

“Advancing the cleaning programme through the use of robotics would further promote our commitment to being a technology leader,” said Chuck VanMaldeghem, Building Services Supervisor, Facility Management Services, RIT. “We needed to find a safe and efficient floor care machine that promoted the Internet of Things by incorporating mobile technology and reporting features.”

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