A Battle To Change Perceptions

China Daily USA
Tuesday, January 5, 2016

US-headquartered company Sealed Air is often referred to as the inventor of Bubble Wrap, the famous packaging material that everyone finds irresistible to pop. Here in China, the current challenge for the company’s Food Care division lies in a similar activity — popping the thought bubbles of misperception by local consumers.

While many Chinese consumers have become increasingly sceptical about the quality of food products, many still perceive that unpackaged meat in wet markets is the fresher alternative to meat in hygienic air-tight bags. Karl Deily, president of Sealed Air’s food care division, said that remoulding the way consumers in China think about packaged meat will be key to improving the company’s growth in this high potential market. Sealed Air looks to be one of the first companies to attempt to do so, and while many foreign enterprises in China are beginning to question the advantages of being “an early bird” or “a first mover”, Deily is committed to the cause and optimistic about the situation.

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