Sealed Air Takes a Fresh Approach to Sustainable Vacuum Packaging with Latest Retail-Friendly Innovation

Cryovac® Darfresh® on Tray package offers unprecedented retail merchandising and freshness preservation capabilities
Sunday, November 2, 2014

CHICAGO, 2 November, 2014 – Sealed Air has expanded its line of Cryovac®Darfresh®vacuum-packaging technologies in light of growing demand for more sustainable, case-ready packaging for fresh red meat and poultry. Introduced today at PACK EXPO 2014 through a strategic alliance with Harpak-ULMA Packaging, the new Cryovac®Darfresh®on Tray package delivers enhanced operational efficiency and sustainability for processors while expanding merchandising and waste reduction capabilities for retailers. 

Produced in conjunction with Harpak-ULMA’s Mondini Trave tray-sealing technology, the Cryovac®Darfresh®on Tray package creates the appearance of a second skin for vacuum-sealed meat and poultry products. This joint packaging process accommodates a range of product applications and pre-made tray designs while requiring minimal changeover. As a result, processors can produce the Cryovac®Darfresh®on Tray package at speeds nearly 40 percent faster than standard tray skin machines and equivalent to that of typical Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) processes, delivering a potential throughput rate of up to 100 packages per minute. 

The Cryovac®Darfresh®on Tray packaging process eliminates film scrap to offer a more environmentally-friendly alternative. Each package is sealed using only the necessary amount of film, reducing waste costs that can accumulate from skeleton scrap. This process results in a compact package produced with 40 percent less material than other available tray skin offerings require. 

“As processors and retailers face added pressure to reduce costs, state-of-the-art packaging can serve as a differentiator that delivers value in a crowded meat case,” said Sean Brady, marketing director, ready meals for Sealed Air North America Food Care Division. “Our new Cryovac®Darfresh®on Tray package offers an unparalleled combination of freshness and retail presentation, enabling processors and retailers to offer customers the highest quality meat and poultry available. Additionally, the Cryovac®Darfresh®on Tray production process reflects our SmartLifeapproach to operational sustainability by delivering improved productivity and manufacturing efficiency for reduced ecological impact.”

Designed to extend product shelf-life and reduce food waste, the leak proof, freezer-ready and easy-open Cryovac®Darfresh®on Tray package offers consumers greater long-term meal planning flexibility without sacrificing taste or quality. The package’s vacuum seal preserves product integrity by deterring microbial growth and preventing dehydration and oxidation of fats, vitamins and flavours. 

For retailers, the Cryovac®Darfresh®on Tray package offers a smooth, skin-tight fit optimal for 3D vertical product display and merchandising. Furthermore, the Cryovac®Darfresh®on Tray package also features tamper controls, enabling more immediate detection of potential food safety risks.  

Sealed Air experts will be available to demonstrate the new Cryovac ®Darfresh®on Tray package at PACK EXPO booth #S-2939. For more information about the Cryovac®Darfresh®on Tray package, and to learn more about Sealed Air’s complete line of Cryovac®Darfresh®packaging technologies, visit


Brett Willi/Jamie Cwalinski 

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