Sealed Air Simplifies On-Site Protective Foam Packaging Production

New Instapak® Simple™ Foam-in-Bag Solution Offers Energy and Labour Savings
Monday, March 17, 2014

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J., 17 March, 2014 – In response to customer demand for more versatile, low-cost foam-in-bag solutions, Sealed Air unveiled its new Instapak®Simple foam system today at MODEX 2014. The latest addition to the Instapak®foam protective packaging portfolio, the Instapak® Simple system simplifies the production of Instapak® foam cushions for lower volume operations while reducing investment costs and conserving energy. 

The Instapak® Simple system is lightweight, easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for operations producing less than 25 packs a day. The system produces foam cushions without the heated hoses, pumps, external controls and containers required in most traditional systems. This condensed operational footprint enables the system to run at household voltage electrical levels, so there is no need to invest in elevated power capacities. Users also can transport the Instapak®Simple system to multiple packaging stations within a production facility. The system is perfect for work cell environments as one low-cost system can be placed at each cell instead of consolidating to a single traditional packaging system. Additionally, the compact component containers may be recycled with number two HDPE plastics. 

“With today’s release of the Instapak® Simple foam-in-bag system, Sealed Air again demonstrates its commitment to continuous and purposeful innovation,” said Tanya Paterno, business manager at Sealed Air. “The Instapak® Simple system provides our low-volume customers with enhanced performance and a single compact platform that is both cost and labour efficient.”

Appropriately named, the Instapak® Simple system requires only the push of a button to produce materials at a rate of at least three bags per minute. The system’s production process generates foam materials without the need for manual mixing or individual bag loading and aligns foam with the centre of the bag to create consistent and durable cushions. 

Sealed Air’s Instapak® protective polyurethane foam packaging product line also includes foam-in-place, moulded cushion and cold chain packaging solutions. Instapak® foam products expand in seconds to form protective cushions, guarding against product damage while helping users preserve space and reduce handling costs. 

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Rachel Wingard/Jamie Cwalinski

MSL Atlanta