Sealed Air LOKs Convenience, Processing Versatility into New Easy-Open Resealable Package

Cryovac® Multi-Seal® FlexLOKTM package delivers enhanced branding capabilities in a consumer-friendly format
Sunday, November 2, 2014

CHICAGO, 2 November, 2014 – Sealed Air has expanded its convenience food packaging portfolio to include its newest and most versatile resealable package yet. Introduced today at PACK EXPO 2014, the Cryovac®Multi-Seal®FlexLOKpackage features an advanced easy-open adhesive design to deliver added convenience and processing flexibility for food manufacturers. 

The newest addition to Sealed Air’s Cryovac® Multi-Seal® easy-open packaging portfolio offers enhancements that accommodate a variety of packaging configurations. The Cryovac® Multi-Seal® FlexLOK package offers unprecedented design flexibility by allowing manufacturers to orient the label in any 360 degree combination. Additionally, the easy-open tab can be located as a corner- or centre- peel design.

Available for smoked and processed meats, as well as snack meats, cheeses and bakery and snack item applications, the Cryovac® Multi-Seal® FlexLOKTM package is compatible with semi-rigid or flexible forming webs and pre-made trays with PE sealants. Adaptable to most available machinery and equipment, this package can be used with vacuum or modified-atmosphere packaging systems to extend shelf life, and features material that is also compatible with high pressure processing (HPP) applications.

“Convenience, freshness and product merchandising are becoming more important to our customers as they try to differentiate their products in an ever-growing competitive market,” said Mike Rosinski, marketing director, smoked and processed meats with Sealed Air’s Food Care Division. “Our Multi-Seal® FlexLOKTM package enables manufacturers to offer appealing, convenient options for a wide range of applications that better showcase their brands. This latest innovation demonstrates our commitment to delivering value through next-generation packaging technologies that improve operational efficiency while reflecting brand identities.”

Along with its improved convenience features, the Multi-Seal®FlexLOKpackage provides retailers with elevated product visibility and merchandising. Print options range from eyespot only to 10 colour, full process printing on the non-forming top web. Design options also include printable packages with a clear display to fully showcase products through superior visibility and brand authenticity. 

For improved safety and protection, the Multi-Seal®FlexLOK package provides a safe open and reclose alternative by allowing consumers to open the package without a knife or scissors. Additionally, the Multi-Seal®package includes an optional tamper-evident component for enhanced product safety.  

Sealed Air experts will be available to demonstrate the ®FlexLOK package at PACK EXPO booth #S-2939. For more information about the Multi-Seal®FlexLOKpackage and to learn more about Sealed Air’s entire line of Multi-Seal®reclosable technologies, visit 


Brett Willi/Jamie Cwalinski 

MSL Atlanta