Sealed Air Announces Finalists for First-Ever Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day Hall of Fame

Fans To Choose from Three Popular Videos to Decide Who Will Be the Inaugural Inductee
Sunday, January 6, 2013

ELMWOOD PARK, NJ, 6 January 2013 – Ever since inventors Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding turned a concept for acoustic wallpaper into a pop culture phenomenon from a garage in Hawthorne, NJ, fans of Sealed Air Corporation’s Bubble Wrap® brand cushioning have discovered ingenious uses for the popular packaging material. Many of these creative ideas are showcased online, as thousands of fans have uploaded videos showing off their imaginative Bubble Wrap® cushioning innovations.

Today, Sealed Air is giving fans a chance to vote for their favourite videos on to decide which video should receive the highest recognition – induction into the first-ever Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day Hall of Fame. The Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day Hall of Fame was created to recognise fans worldwide who exemplify the passion, fun and creative uses of Bubble Wrap® cushioning. Voting starts on 6 Jan and the victorious video will be announced on Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day on 27 Jan. 

Fans are encouraged to vote for their favourite videos on the official Bubble Wrap® website between now and 17 Jan to determine which of the finalists will be inducted into the Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day Hall of Fame and be awarded with a giant bale of commemorative Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day Hall of Fame Bubble Wrap® cushioning. 

“Bubble Wrap® fans have displayed a great deal of creativity and the ability to turn the one and only Bubble Wrap® material into something new and exciting outside of its intended use,” said Rohn Shellenberger, Business Manager, Sealed Air. “The Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day Hall of Fame is a place to forever enshrine fans’ ingenuity with us.”

The three finalist videos were selected by a Sealed Air Corporation panel from among thousands of videos worldwide. This year’s Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day Hall of Fame finalists include:

  • “Bubble Wrap Bike” – Eric Buss, Burbank, California - Eric Buss shows off his creation, the Bubble Wrap Bike. The video became “pop”ular this year, amassing over 1.5 million views. Link:
  • “JoJo’s Bubble Wrap Praise Break” – Kevin Fredericks, Tacoma, Washington – Kevin’s son Jojo shows off his amazing tap dance on Bubble Wrap® cushioning. Link:
  • “Cats vs. Bubble Wrap” – Chase Holiday, Los Angeles, California - Bubble Wrap® cushioning material is no match for these fun felines. Link:

More On Bubble Wrap® and Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day

Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on the last Monday in January. The originally intended use for Bubble Wrap® was entirely different to how it is used today. Inventors Marc Chavannes and Al Fielding originally developed a plastic they hoped to market as textured wallpaper. When that idea did not take off, the inventors began to have some success marketing the product as a greenhouse insulator.

Chavannes then realised that Bubble Wrap® cushioning could be used as an improvement from paper and old newspapers for cushioning fragile items. Once the opportunity was identified, the inventors worked hard on the manufacturing process for Bubble Wrap® cushioning in an effort to create an ideal packaging material. After a lot of tinkering, they developed a special, proprietary barrier protection which prevented air from leaking and resulted in the crisp “pop” that Bubble Wrap® is famous for.