Following The COP 21 Agreement, Sealed Air Climate Change Solutions Have A Renewed Importance

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE) and its President & CEO today released the following statement in response to the outcomes of the United Nations COP 21 climate change conference.

“Earlier this week, we saw an historic outcome from COP 21," stated Jerome A. Peribere.  "Global government leaders and communities convened and agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, place a larger focus on climate temperatures, and pledged $100 billion a year to help developing countries meet their goals. We applaud our global leaders and tip our hat to all in attendance. Thank you for the good work you have undertaken to accomplish this.

 Although the agreements entered into in Paris last week are goals, not requirements, it’s up to us and our fellow businesses to venture onwards, continuing the good work begun in Paris. We have also added our name as a signatory to the Business Backs A Low Carbon USA  statement.  We are one of many brands in the United States committed to supporting the evolution of our economy into one that is energy efficient and focused on lower carbon emissions.  Many of the things we already do at Sealed Air are helping us to achieve this goal, but it cannot be done alone.  We will not see an impact on the global climate change problem without global collaboration and commitment.

At Sealed Air, we’re well on our way to reducing our carbon footprint and mitigating the effects of greenhouse gases (GHG’s) and climate change. Just recently, CDP recognised us on their Climate A List and Climate Disclosure Leadership Index for the work and reporting we are doing to mitigate the effects of climate change in our operations.

In June 2015, we announced our 2020 Sustainability Goals, detailing our aggressive commitments in our own operations, our product solutions and the communities we serve. Furthermore, we aren't just reducing our global impact; we’re finding better ways to make the best of our use of resources. Not only are we reducing the climate change impact of our own operations, but our product solutions reduce the impact of our customers' operations as well. And we’re not just focusing on renewables, we’re eliminating waste entirely – for our customers and in the supply chain.

Our product packaging innovations preserve the use of resources by eliminating damage in transit, reducing returns, and ensuring shelf space and delivery vehicle space are optimised. Our work in food packaging is eliminating food waste around the globe through both innovation and education.  Our Diversey Care solutions are all about conserving water and energy resources in our customers’ operations while ensuring performance and sustainability.  Diversey Care low temperature laundry, for example, reduces water and energy consumption while extending the life of fabrics.

We believe that by continuing to innovate and focus on how we use resources, we will be able to effectively reduce our footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, achieving our 2020 Sustainability Goals and the goals set in place at COP 21.”


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