Diversey Care’s TASKI Intellibot Solution Wins AHE Innovation Award

Monday, September 21, 2015
CHARLOTTE, NC – 21 Sept 2015 – Sealed Air’s (NYSE: SEE) Diversey Care division has been presented with The Association for the Healthcare Environment (AHE) Innovation Award for its TASKI® Intellibot® SWINGOBOT 1650, a “green”, hands-free robotic floor scrubber. Introduced in 2013, the AHE Innovation Award recognises and increases awareness of products, processes and technology advancements that empower individuals to improve measured outcomes in the healthcare environment.


 “The SWINGOBOT allows healthcare facilities to easily and consistently achieve the highest levels of cleanliness, and to redistribute labour to drive down costs and focus human assets on high-touch surface cleaning,” said Carolyn Cooke, Vice President of Healthcare North America, Diversey Care. “We are honoured to be recognised by AHE for this award and to be an instrumental part in maintaining cleanliness and safety for patients, visitors and staff in healthcare environments.”


 The environmentally friendly SWINGOBOT uses an advanced four-stage purification system to provide clean, reusable water, and eliminates 85 per cent of the water and chemicals used by traditional machines. A built-in UV light kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses from the water used to clean floors in order to limit the spread of harmful infections.


 The Hands-Free SWINGOBOT has nine pre-programmed cleaning patterns to autonomously clean areas such as corridors and receptions, allowing facilities management to reassign employees to other key tasks while floors are cleaned. TASKI® Intellibot® robotic machines are equipped with a variety of built-in safety features to ensure the safety of machine operators, patients, staff and visitors while cleaning occurs. Ultrasonic sonars allow the machines to detect obstacles and avoid collisions, instant braking allows the machines to stop almost instantaneously if someone walks across its path and touch sensors act as an additional safety feature to stop the machine if it comes into contact with an object.   


To view the full range of TASKI products and solutions, visit www.taski.com.

To view information on the Hands-Free machines, visit www.intellibotrobotics.com.

For more information about AHE or the Innovation Award, visit www.ahe.org.


Diversey Care is a division of Sealed Air Corp., a leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection. For more information about Diversey Care, please visitwww.diversey.com or follow it on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 


Rafael Echevarria

Corporate Communications Director, Diversey Care