Diversey Care Introduces Oxivir Plus, EcoLogo-Certified, Dilutable Disinfectant Cleaner

One-step disinfectant cleaner offers protection against harmful pathogens
Monday, March 17, 2014

STURTEVANT, WISCONSIN – 17 March 2014 –†Sealed Air’s Diversey Care Division today introduced Oxivir® Plus to the Canadian market. At a 1:40 dilution, it disinfects hard non-porous surfaces in just five minutes. Powered by AHP® technology, Oxivir Plus is effective against pathogenic organisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi that can cause healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), the fourth biggest cause of death in Canada.

“Research shows that contaminated environments can contribute to the transmission of HAIs, and that the daily cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces and patient care equipment can help reduce risk and improve patient outcomes,”†said Carolyn Cooke, Vice President of Diversey Care Healthcare. “To get the best results, healthcare professionals need disinfectants that are fast, effective and responsible, and Oxivir Plus delivers in all three of these areas.”

Oxivir Plus improves productivity and offers exceptional cleaning results, and is offered through Diversey Care’s leading dilution control platforms. It can be used with cotton or microfibre cleaning tools with no binding of active ingredients, and is effective even in the presence of organic dirt and hard water. Its five-minute contact time improves staff compliance and productivity.

Oxivir Plus is highly effective against harmful pathogens without irritating skin and eyes. With an HMIS rating of 0-0-0-0, Oxivir Plus falls into the lowest hazard category, requiring no safety warnings or personal protective equipment. It is also environmentally safe, as its unique chemistry allows it to break down into oxygen and water after use.

The product contains 7 per cent hydrogen peroxide at concentrate, and at a 1:40 dilution, it is highly economical. Oxivir Plus is an Ecologo® certified disinfectant and is suitable for use on most healthcare surfaces, including stainless steel, glass, nylon fabrics, chrome and more. It is also safe and effective for use in hydrotherapy tubs. Oxivir Plus is available in a 3.78 litre container, 1.5 litre RTD® container with a unique dosing head, and a 2.5 litre J-Fill® portable dispensing system. For more information on the Oxivir family of disinfectant cleaners, call 800 558 2332, or visit www.diversey.com/Oxivir.

Diversey Care is a division of Sealed Air Corp., a leader in food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection. For more information about Diversey Care, please visit www.diversey.com, or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Rafael Echevarria

Corporate Communications Director