Cryovac® Top Webs for Mono-PET trays

A vacuum skin packaging system based on tray sealing technology with pre-made trays and rollstock


  • zero skeleton waste - 100% film utilisation
  • up to 38% reduced carbon footprint of packaging vs. MAP
  • lower energy costs with sealing temperature lowered from 190C (for films used with PET/PE trays) to 160C needed for Cryovac® Darfresh® films and mono-PET trays
  • cost saving option across all value chain with trays downgauged by 200 microns and tops by 30 microns
  • extended shelf life for protein packs
  • vertical display on retail shelves with no drip over time


  • Fresh and frozen red meat, fish, cheese, poultry, smoked and processed meat markets, slightly marinated food


  • Seal and easy opening top skin for mono-PET trays
  • Films can be used on any Darfresh® on Tray, Darfresh169 rollstock or tray skin machine