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Cryovac® Simple Steps®

Simple Steps® is a pasteurisable, microwaveable, self-venting thermoforming rollstock & tray skin vacuum package. Ideal for a variety of applications, Simple Steps® uses vacuum technology to preserve freshness and steam-assisted technology to heat food evenly, creating the ideal eating experience.  Find out more


  • Pack raw or cooked product
  • Product can be cooked, shipped and sold in the same package
  • Post Pasteurize for extended shelf life in the same package
  • Labor reduction & process automation
  • Convenient access to fresh meals
  • Microwaveable, self venting without perforation
  • Steam-assisted cooking means consistent heating of food, no cold spots
  • Microwaveable tray remains cool during re-heating for easy handling
  • Easy-opening, no knives needed. Simply peel and serve


  • Chilled and frozen ready meals, marinated proteins (meat, poultry and fish). Added-value fish and meat, snacks and tapas, side-dishes.


  • Variety of premade tray sizes and shapes to fit the application
  • Heat treatable and microwaveable materials.
  • Specific skin top webs
  • Semi-rigid and rigid PP bottom webs