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Cryovac® Oven Ease® Ovenable barrier vacuum shrink Bag and Film

Oven Ease® packaging opens up a world of delicious new product options that go straight into the oven in the packaging for simpler, safer cooking with little preparation. Barrier vacuum packaging enables food products to be roasted in the package in microwave or conventional ovens.


  • Reduced cooking time
  • Easy preparation and clean up
  • Product can be cooked or reheated in the oven, retaining its natural moisture and flavour without drying out
  • Seal reliability, and very abuse resistant
  • Excellent presentation for foodservice and retail applications
  • Contolled venting allows product to retain natural moisture and flavour without drying out
  • Excellent refrigerated shelf life for fresh and cooked products
  • Film format presents superior forming performance at lower forming temperatures
  • One package for distribution and cooking
  • Suitable for the most effective automatic loaders and vacuum lines


  • Pre-seasoned or pre-marinated products, such as roasts, ribs, steaks, poultry and seafood. Pre-cooked pulled pork, burgers, chicken pieces and more
  • Convenience food both chilled and frozen.
  • Bakery, sandwiches, vegetables


  • Heavy duty and abuse resistance materials available in multiple gauges
  • Withstands cooking temperatures up to 220°C for films and 200°C for Shrink bags and freezing up to -25°C
  • Materials run successfully on a wide variety of rollstock thermoforming machines with fit-for-use sealing T°