Unique, innovative packaging system invented by Sealed Air. Continuous flow soft vacuum and sealing system for cheese. There is no vacuum on the cheese since the machine gently and completely extracts air from the pack preserving cheese quality, texture and taste.



  • Easy to install, integrated packaging into continuous and automated cheese making process
  • Fully automated, operator free packaging process
  • Offers economic benefits: low maintenance costs, energy savings, compressed air savings
  • Cheese can be packed straight from brine in wet conditions
  • Sealing in the middle helps equalizing tension of the shrink bag


  • No limit to the cheese size and shape. From consumer portions to large industry formats (500 g – 25 kg).


  • Throughput: linear speed ranges within 5-12 meters per minute
  • Product per minute output defined by linear speed divided by bag’s width
  • Euroblock size – 10 to 24 products per minute
  • Euroblock/5,3 kg – 20 to 40 products per minute
  • Sealing: adjustable pressure, temperature and the sealing height