MAP horizontal form-fill-seal with gas flushing using latest generation of Cryovac BDF® film and a wider variety of lighter, cost-efficient trays in different shapes and materials


  • Increased flexibility
  • Maximum tray versatility
  • Reduced total package cost: 10%-25% lighter packs improve sustainability and reduce environmental taxes
  • Higher efficiency thanks to longer rolls and fewer changeovers
  • 360-degree colour printing for product information/branding
  • Hermetic seals
  • Microwavable
  • Pasteurisation in the pack


  • Poultry: Cut-ups, whole birds (with our without tray), elaborated
  • Cheese: All types of cheese chunks, wedges and slices
  • Smoked & Processed Meat: Slices, diced, pate, terrine
  • Fish: Fresh fish (whole trout, hake, loins and fillets), cooked whole shrimps, fish deli salads, shrimp (peeled, shell-on & breaded)
  • Convenience foods: Fresh pizza, fresh pasta, ready meals