The game-changing thermoforming film, that is thinner and lighter than other widely used thermoforming materials. The innovative top web delivers high-abuse resistance and anti-fog performance to perfectly protect and present food while helping improve sustainability by reducing packaging weight by up to 50% vs. other laminates.




  • Up to 50% thinner than traditional laminates
  • A thinner 33-micron film offers the same performance as traditional laminates
  • High abuse, robust performace, hermetic packs and super transparency
  • Improved productivity: longer rolls result in less idle time for changeovers and 40-50% less downtime than conventional packaging
  • Thinner and lighter film can also optimise storage and transportation space to further enhance efficiencies and sustainability


  • Poultry: cut-ups and elaborated products
  • Smoked and processed meats: slices, diced, paté, terrine
  • Fish & seafood: raw, elaborated, marinated, cooked shrimp, breaded
  • Cheese - chuncks and slices
  • Convenience Foods: chilled ready meals, fresh pasta, prepared salads, sandwiches, frozen ready meals
  • Fresh red meat - minced meat, consumer portions, boneless and bone-in


  • 33 microns film running on thermoforming equipment