European shoppers identify the amount of plastic in oceans, and food waste, as their top-of-mind concerns over the environment.
In 2018 it was 88% and 81% respectively*.

In Europe we throw away 89 million tonnes of food, at a cost of 825 billion Euros per year.

Attention to the circular economy continues to grow in the food industry and so has the importance of enhanced green credentials and reducing food waste. Now, more than ever, you need break-through solutions, since sustainability challenges can be daunting. Innovative packaging can be an important ally in achieving your goals and improving the supply of food.

What if there was a solution that allowed you to reduce the amount of plastic and food waste?

Today, food packaging continues to evolve, transitioning from a container meant to simply hold food to something that can play a more active role in food quality, safety, as well as sustainability. Sealed Air’s Cryovac Darfresh family of packaging solutions is designed to do just that. It provides a multitude of benefits including reducing plastic use, carbon footprint and food waste. Our innovative film creates packaging that completely surrounds your protein and preserves its colour, flavour and integrity, meaning it lasts longer on the shelf too.

Offering sustainable solutions is good business.

The wide array of Darfresh family packaging solutions for processors, retailers, food service operators and consumers is engineered to meet the needs of various food segments: products like fresh red meat, smoked and processed meat, poultry, fish and cheese. These vacuum skin solutions help you improve your environmental profile with recycled, post-consumer PET content and material designed for recycling**. Darfresh also offers reduction in the plastic you need to pack your products by a quarter and food waste by half***.

CRYOVAC Brand Darfresh vacuum skin packaging.


* Sealed Air Consumer Market Research 2018

** Degree of recyclability depends on the specific product configuration or components intended for recycling and the scope and availability of appropriate local recycling facilities.

*** Based on results achieved by Sealed Air. All applications are different so results may vary.

Sealed Air Cryovac Darfresh Family Solutions