Cryovac® Brand BDF® Film

CRYOVAC® brand BDF® ultra-thin shrink films are sustainable food packaging solutions that reduce plastic use while effortlessly maintaining product integrity. They give our customers the flexibility to use various trays—or no tray at all—without a sealing medium. These high-abuse films provide a strong leak-proof closure, protecting your product throughout its journey from processor to consumer.

CRYOVAC® brand rBDF S10 film is a food-grade, soft plastic packaging which contains Certified Circular Resins. It has been recently added to the range of CRYOVAC® brand BDF ® films offered by Sealed Air to meet our 2025 sustainability pledge.



  • Reduce plastic use by 60% compared to standard market laminates
  • CRYOVAC® brand rBDF™ S10 is the first shrink film with post-consumer recycled polyethylene
  • BDF 25H is RIC 4 compatible – it can be recycled in the low-density polyethylene (LDPE) stream (for cheese only)
  • Increase production speed and reduce downtime with longer rolls of film
  • Longer rolls do not require frequent changeovers, which will improve your production speed
  • Improve consumer experience with an easy-open feature
  • Give your product a premium look using superior shrink, gloss, and clarity
  • Enhance brand integrity through printable film and easy label adhesion
  • Parchment printed effect film is ideal for premiumisation eg artisan or Deli food products


  • Cheese
  • Poultry
  • Fresh red meat
  • Smoked and processed meat
  • Fish
  • Convenience food
  • Ready meals