This high-speed automated packaging system encases products in a ready-to-ship protective package. With advanced sensor technology, PriorityPak® is the ideal solution for fluctuating volume and variable packaging requirements.

PriorityPak® uses PriorityWrap® Rigid Board which is ideal for applications requiring containment, increased rigidity and surface protection.


  • Provides superior product protection. Encases products in a Cold Seal® cohesive-coated protective package that locks items in place to minimise shifting during transit.
  • Offers simple setup. Plug machine into an electrical outlet, connect it to compressed air, load and feed the material rolls. Minimal operator training involved, with no need to adjust for size or volume.
  • Offers easy integration. PriorityPak integrates seamlessly into existing packaging lines to streamline operations.
  • Reduces freight costs. PriorityPak’s compact, custom package reduces freight costs when compared with corrugated cartons and void-fill materials.
  • Increases fulfilment velocity. PriorityPak produces up to 20 packs per minute.
  • Enhances customer experience. Available custom colour printing, easy-open tear strips and perforations create a positive unboxing experience.
  • Enhances sustainability. Made from kraft linerboard, PriorityWrap Rigid Board materials are curbside recyclable.